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Introducing our 2022 Couples - Katie Burnet & Ben Siegel June 11, 2022

Starting in February, the month of love, we'll be featuring one of our 2022 couples on the blog every Friday! We are starting off this series by introducing our couple getting married on June 11, Katie Burnet and Ben Siegel.

To introduce the couple, Katie wrote about how her and Ben met.

"We had a class together in college at Colorado State and later met at a small gathering. Ben instantly recognized me from the class, I lied and said I recognized him too. He took no time in asking for my phone and putting his number in it. I texted him a few days later and we went on our first date where we drove around the outskirts of Fort Collins listening to Dr Dre. The energy between us was undeniable and our connection felt instant and effortless. From that day forward all I wanted to do was be around Ben's aura as much as possible, and as it turns out he felt the same way about me too. We did long distance for a while as I finished college and Ben started a welding business in Steamboat Springs. At one point we had been doing long distance for more years than we had been together in the same place. It was hard to progress our relationship forward during the years apart but it was clear to both of us that together is how we wanted to be. We were thrilled for the day I officially became a Steamboat local and we've been enjoying all of our successes and even our failures as we experience them together. There is no lack of laughter and new adventures, our love is my favorite!"

How sweet is that! Here at Love Letter Events we love hearing about our couples' love stories. Katie mentioned that their colors are navy blue, gold, and white to embrace Colorado's outdoor colors! These colors will be so beautiful in Montrose, CO in the middle of June. We asked Katie and Ben what they were most excited about for their wedding, they said "to take a moment to celebrate all of the special relationships and experiences our being together has brought to us."

We are incredibly excited to work with Katie and Ben to help make their wedding day dreams a reality. June 11th couldn't come fast enough!

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