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Love Letter Events is a wedding day management company, located in Western Colorado, and Grand Junction is our home base. Love Letter Events is the sister company to R&R Events and Design, with over 24 years of planning weddings. We have planned more than 250 weddings- and the love keeps flowing!  


The Details: Wedding Day Management 


How we will help write your love story... 

We will start by getting to know YOU! 

Let's meet for coffee (or drinks!) to get to know each other! We want to know how you met, what you love about each other, and what you are looking for in your wedding.


Next Steps! 

We start our management by gathering your vendor information or giving recommendations on people we know who help write beautiful wedding stories. We check in monthly with design inspirations and practical checklists--everything from signature cocktails to seating charts to etiquette dilemmas.  Need to borrow decor for your wedding? We most likely have you covered with aspen slabs to lanterns to glass vases--just ask. 


At 90 days out, we introduce you to your lead planner to further develop a timeline for your big day and coordinate with all the vendors about who will be where and when. We also help plan your layout for your ceremony and reception and help fill in those last few details for you.   


Almost There! 

Just days before the big day, we will run rehearsal for you to ensure that everything is the way you want it and everyone knows where they need to be.  On the day of the ceremony, we handle it all so you do not have to lift a finger.  Checking in vendors, setting up, and ensuring that everything is just right!  We work hard to ensure that you and your family and friends get to relax and enjoy themselves.


The goodbye in our love letter…

We clean it up!  As you ride off into the sunset (or starlight) and enjoy your first night as a couple, we take care of everything we need to. 

Love---The Love Letters Events Team

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