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Hiring your friends as your vendors: Pros and Cons

Photographer: The Delacastros

Are you on a tight budget planning your wedding? And maybe you think to yourself, I know if I just ask a few friends for help, it will save me money…..but maybe not sister….Here are some thoughts from the Love Letter Team of experts!

Let’s go through the cons first:

Generally, they won't take your wedding seriously if they are not a professional vendor. Odds are, they will act like a guest when you need them to be a vendor.

Imagine them being the first ones on the dance floor, when you hired them to take your photos? They could miss your first dance? Or Father/Daughter dance and don’t get me started on the cake and toast! (I have seen it all happen and come crashing down too)

Speaking of toast….you want to make sure you set the guidelines for drinking at your wedding, because they have a job to do...RIGHT!

If they don't charge you, they may use their cheapest (and most tacky) resources instead of your actual vision. Usually you don't want to create a contract between you and your friend, how awkward. But, a contract is necessary to get what YOU want!

Is it worth maybe saving a little money but losing a friend? Absolutely not.


You will be spending less money, but will you really?

If your friend lives out of town, you will get to see them and make them a bigger part of your special day.

If you have a friendship with a professional vendor, this could turn out as a possible wedding gift in which you can budget money elsewhere.

When you are thinking about “friend vendors” keep in mind that every friend is always at least 15- 30 minutes late. If you hire a friend vendor, make sure you have a wedding coordinator or day of manager to at least ensure everything is managed in a timely manner, and we will be the bossy person on the wedding day!

You won’t lose a friend in the end….

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