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Colorado Weather cold ideas that will keep you and your guest warm!

Here in Colorado we sometimes have a wild cold snap that happens at the start of wedding season in May. I recall a few times driving up into the Mountains and the weather can shift from warm spring to instant COLD! The temperatures can be 20 to 30 degrees less in the Mountains than here in Western Colorado.

When we have couples ask us about how the weather is going to be on a certain date or month, I always give the following answer: Colorado weather changes in the blink of an eye- so be prepared for anything.

I'm not a meteorologist even though sometimes I feel like one on the weeks leading up to any wedding. I'm always checking the radar and national weather patterns. And keeping our couples updated with the weather outlook. Plus, when we start talking about the guest experience at the wedding, we make sure that we emphasize that the evenings will be cool here in Western Colorado! Keep that in mind and consider renting heaters or having some blankets handy for your guests, it is always a nice touch!

Here are some other ideas for making things feel "warmer" for your guest:

Have you ever wore a candle to heat yourself up? We had a guest actually wear a candle! Yes,they wore the candle vase, I'm not really sure how it happened. But it was tucked away and zipped up in her chest! We were cleaning up at the end of the night and we had to ask for the candle vase back. That was a little awkward!

Some other great warm and fuzzy ideas you can do is rent a few portable heaters for outside dining. If you have an option for a fire pit, light that baby up! Place out some fur throws and fuzzy blankets! And for the bride I would make sure you have a cozy shawl or a stunning fur jacket to warm up in!

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