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Wedding Season 2022 - Budget Tips and Tricks!

As we are nearing the beginning of the Grand Valley wedding season, we as planners are prepared for it all! In the midst of a year that has included dramatic price increases, inventory and supply shortages, we have come up with a few budget tricks for you to stay within your budget for your wedding!

We know that budget planning is no fun - but that is why WE are the planners! Planning a wedding on a budget requires to have an open mind and smart decision making. Every little thing adds up.

Photographer: ABeckCaptures

  1. Ask your venue if they have decorations or rentals that you can use. Usually renting from your venue is cheaper and it is much easier to rent. Many venues have arch pieces, furniture and other large objects available!

  2. Choose catering companies that do not require servers. Yes it is amazing to have a plated meal but this is an additional and pricy add on! If your food is wonderful, guests will not mind serving themselves.

  3. Reuse and relocate your florals! If you have large floral pieces on your arch piece or down the aisle, put them inside for added decor after the ceremony is over! This adds extra decor to the reception and table pieces. You can also use the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets for center pieces!

  4. Look for an alternative to cake! Cake is good but an array of desserts can be better AND cheaper! Doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies, etc!

  5. Skip wedding favors! Most of the time, the guests do not even take the wedding favors home or they are just simply left behind. This tiny detail to the day can be pricy and is not something that will change any aspect of your day!

  6. Limit beverage options. Shrinking down the size and options of your bar can help save a ton of money. When you have endless options, there is always a high possibility that this is a waste of money towards the reception crowd!

  7. Ask your planner for vendor suggestions! Your planner will always have multiple different vendors to refer to you which then you can compare different price options and areas for movement in the budget!

  8. Do not hire a limo or a party bus. YES transportation is important but look into options such as the cities local school busses! School busses are way more affordable and can hold a large group!

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