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Wedding Sale Ideas!

It's the best time of the really it is THE BEST TIME! In all the years I have been designing and planning weddings I love the winter wedding sales! 

Each year I have restocked, added inventory and bought ribbon like crazy! This is truly the best time to start gathering up supplies for your weddings. So many stores push out the summer/fall inventory to make room for the holiday season-Hence the perfect time to grab wedding decor for a nice discount! 

Some of the items I would suggest buying is the following: 

  • Ribbon: grab a few colors and I would suggest that you get 3 rolls of each that are in your wedding design. 

  • Wedding Thank You cards are perfect for this time! You will want to get ahead on this! This could include cards for your bridal shower, or friends and family gifts

  • Gifts for your Girls! Holiday sales are bright and shiny! I'm talking about all the fun jewelry that will be on sale and i'm sure you will find perfect bridesmaid jewelry for a great price! 

It is always such a good idea to get a head start on decor shopping and holiday sales are the best time to do it!

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