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Tips for planning a memorable day!

We are in full swing of wedding planning, booking, executing, and creating memorable weddings! There is nothing that my team and I love more than helping our couples create their dream day. Although many times we see so many different things that can always be avoided when planning your wedding- if you don't already know, THIS is what we are here for!

Tips, tricks, and all the kicks!

1. Start EARLY- vendor bookings, decor ideas, rentals, invitations/ save the dates!

2. Book a planner! Trust me on this, you will be so glad that you have someone that makes sure nothing slips through the cracks before your wedding or on your wedding day!

3. Stay organized! -Keep a detailed list of your vendors, payments, guest list, and any other wedding information

4. Make sure you are planning YOUR vision! We love involved parents, friends, and family members but keep in mind- it is not their wedding, it is yours

5. Rentals! -Most of the time you won't want to keep 20+ glass vases and renting is so much easier

6. Don't be worried about the weather. Of course, a bride's biggest fear is bad weather, but mother nature is out of our control and there are always ways to tend to changes!!

7. Watch your budget- You will shock yourself every time how quickly things add up. Reach out to your planner for budget help or vendor referrals!

8. Be realistic with your vision and dreams! Create a timeline of to-do's, be honest about your goals, stick to your budget, watch the time!

9. Make sure your guests are taken care of! If they are traveling they will need a place to stay, transportation, and you never know what grandma needs!

10. HAVE FUN WITH IT! Wedding planning can be very stressful, overwhelming, and costly. But it is one of the best days of your life so treat the planning process as so!

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