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The Wedding Boom!

What to know about wedding and event planning this year as the industry is experiencing a 'Boom'!!!

Now that vaccines have been mass distributed across the United States, there is now a wedding "boom" as stated. After a year of weddings put on pause, the industry now is experiencing a massive surge. The article suggested that weddings are now coming in like tidal waves. This article is a MUST READ for anyone looking at the 2021 and 2022 wedding seasons!

What to take away from the upcoming 'Wedding Boom'!!!

  1. With heavy demand, the is a brand new set of challenges. Vendors, venues, and planners are all in high demand.

  2. High demand comes with inflation of pricing. It is almost expected to see an increase in pricing for all aspects of weddings and events now that most vendors, planners, and venues were out of business for so long.

  3. BOOK YOUR PLANNER FIRST! A wedding surge means fewer planners and we all know how important your planner is!

Get in contact with us! Our dates are filling up fast for the 2022 season! Contact us here!

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