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The last 'Love day' of February!

As we near the end of February, we close out with another love story! These 2021 couples are getting closer to their special day every week as the planning process becomes more and more real. We are so hopeful for the 2021 wedding season! But we are also prepared for any challenges that come our way. Lookout 2021 wedding season, another couple is coming your way!!

The last Love Letter couple that we are going to introduce is

Naline Stephens and Nathan Mauser!

Their wedding date is July 31st, 2021

"We met our sophomore year at Palisade High School at the homecoming bonfire. We were both pretty shy and really dorky... and still are. I (Naline) played volleyball and got him to run track with me, where he became one of the best on the team. We ended up going to our sophomore winter formal together and have stayed together for about 5 years now. We were each other's first major girlfriend and boyfriend. We both decided to stay in town and go to CMU. We both love listening to music and going to concerts (once COVID allows again). We also love trying new restaurants together and cooking new recipes together at home."

The Colors/ Theme of their wedding is soft blues with hints of mauve and sage, hydrangea elegance. We cannot wait to see these colors come together, this will be absolutely gorgeous!!

As a couple, they are most excited to spend their wedding day dancing and celebrating all night long with their friends and family! What a special day this will be, we are so lucky to be a part of it!

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