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See you later, Adios ,Sayonara.......2020!

We learned a lot this year, not only about the pandemic, but how much the events industry can change on a dime. As a wedding planner and events team, we learned to be extremely flexible, super supportive for every vendor and willing to do anything to accommodate to our couples. Even with a year filled with nothing but chaos, we still pulled together 23 beautiful weddings in 14 weeks!

We also learned SO much about:

-Local government and who to call when we needed Information FAST!

-Health Department and Permits and how to find every link for anything we needed answers for!

-Zoom, and any/every online platform for meetings (We definitely have this mastered)

-Patience this might be the word of the year! We learned that having patience and creating positive thoughts things will work out how they are meant to be. We did have to move some weddings but it was the best decision! We have some added planning time with those couples so that was great for us! And in 2021 we get to really celebrate!

So Let's say goodbye to this hectic year and bring on a new one! It might start off a little crazy but as spring starts so will weddings! (crossing all fingers & toes)

Love Letters Team!

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