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Predicting 2022 Wedding Trends

Bright Colors

This wedding season, be ready to see many naturals-especially green! With accent of flowers and vibrant green is always a great option. Our tried-and-true colors of ivory,beige, gray, and cream with a surprise of bright pops of color. We can see pops of red, rosy, pink, baby blue, and mauves.


The combination of sneakerheads and style is coming to weddings for 2022. Not just style but an added benefit of comfort to your wedding. We can see matching sneakers for the bride and groom to wear together as they dance the night away.

Bridesmaid proposal boxes

Bridesmaid proposal boxes are a cute way to ask your girls to stand by your side on your big day and we see more and more of them every year. Fill your bridesmaid boxes with robes and personalized bridesmaid items to make them feel extra special to celebrate you.

Champagne Towers

A signature drink at weddings is champagne and to top it off, champagne towers are trending! We are bound to see so many in this 2022 wedding season. Champagne towers are a way to step up your game on your toast and make it extra unique .

Bridgerton Inspired

The Netflix series that broke the internet with big poofy dresses and drama! These styles are the new trend that we can see in 2022 with the brides, bridesmaids, and guests. Dresses with the puffy sleeves, blue colors, and many bows are oh-so cute and trendy.

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