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3 Tips for Starting Your New Year Off Right: While You're Planning Your Wedding

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Wow! You made it to the year of your wedding! I’m sure there will be many posts about the top 20 things to plan for your 2020 wedding. Or, 20 days till you wed. Or even the first 20 dates with your new husband. These are all great things and perhaps I'll write about those at a later date!

Today, I will zoom in and focus on 3 Tips for starting your New Year off right while you’re planning your wedding. Here are my top 3!

Tip 1: Please don’t do the diet thing. I have been getting so many ads on my Instagram feed about apps to download to lose weight fast or links to the newest fasting diet. Don't stress over altering your diet for your big day. The easiest and most sustainable way to get fit is simply to make healthier choices and exercise regularly. One great way to get in that exercise is to take a walk with the one you love!

Tip 2: Ask for help. Planning a wedding without an expert wedding planner is hard. Ask your maid of Honor for dinner and talk about the areas you are stressed about. Sharing your stresses with someone is a great way to open up healthy discussion and begin to get ideas for solutions. I would suggest you hire a wedding day planner (like us) to run your wedding day! It really is a gift to have a pro on the day of the wedding, making sure all your wedding dreams come to life!

Tip 3: Go on dates! I love going to lunch or afternoon drinks with my hubby! While you are both planning the wedding, it is super important to have NON-wedding talk dates! I know it will be hard but you can do it! Go wine tasting do a beer pairing dinner or even try something new, like disc golf!

Now back to those 2020 ideas---Tonja

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